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SolarPanelGuide is the leading, US-based solar brokerage and consultation firm. They provide a comprehensive service to those who are looking to switch over to solar power for their home. Not only do they offer consultations on the best route for individual budgets and situations, but also assist in finding the best companies for installation and providing solar power savings reports. SolarPanelGuide is committed to finding their clients the best fit for their transition to solar, and will work hard to ensure that they receive a system that is tailored specifically to their needs.

The consultation process is straightforward: customers simply request a free consultation on the SolarPanelGuide website, and within 3-5 business days they will receive a phone consultation to determine if they are an ideal candidate for solar energy. If they are eligible, the SolarPanelGuide team will put them in touch with a local consultant who can recommend the best route for solar panels. Furthermore, customers will be provided with a solar power savings report to help them visualize the financial benefits of switching over to solar.

SolarPanelGuide offers three primary panel options: leasing, purchasing power agreement, and purchasing the panels. When it comes to leasing solar panels, customers will have a fixed monthly payment with no upfront cost. There is also no maintenance responsibility, as the system will be removed at the end of the term. For those looking to purchase power agreement, SolarPanelGuide provides 24/7 system monitoring, cash flow that is positive from day one, and a guarantee that the system will transfer to the new home owner should they decide to sell. Lastly, those looking to purchase solar panels will receive equipment ownership, increased property value due to the installation, and access to federal and state solar tax credits.

SolarPanelGuide’s Customer Reviews

SolarPanelGuide has earned a great reputation among its customers for providing an excellent solar power brokerage and consultation service. Customers have described the consultations as “quick and simple,” and have praised SolarPanelGuide’s team of knowledgeable consultants for finding them the best solar options that fits their individual needs. Many clients have also highlighted SolarPanelGuide’s commitment to customer service, noting how helpful they have been in the entire process. Readers can see the amazing reviews for SolarPanelGuide below from real customers, which are a testament to their excellent work and dedication to helping clients switch over to solar power.

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Overall, SolarPanelGuide is an excellent option for those looking to switch their home over to solar power. Their consultations and solar power savings reports are incredibly helpful in helping individuals make the best decision for their needs, and they provide three viable panel options. If you’re interested in transitioning your home over to solar, SolarPanelGuide is the best first step you can take. You can get in touch with them by either visiting their website and filling out their free consultation form, or by calling them directly at (805) 791-2169

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